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Women with traditional straw hats

This website has 1,523 photos of modern Vietnam taken in June and July 2005. The site has been created to enable you to get a visual feel for Vietnam as part of your holiday planning. Now is a good time to visit Vietnam. The Vietnamese have learned to engage with tourists and they have seen the benefits on their own economy and lives. They are friendly to visitors and do everything they can to make you feel welcome. Vietnam has not lost its rustic charm and many of the old traditional ways still exist. Unfortunately modernization will bring about changes that will erode these ancient traditions and this is already evident, particularly in Hanoi.

Vietnam is a country of more than 82 million people living in a long rectangular-shaped country of 329,000 square kilometers. Vietnam is a country of spectacular beauty and diversity. Most of the population live in the countryside but the cities are growing as the economy develops. The Internet has connected Vietnam to the world. Everywhere you travel you will find dozens of Internet Cafes with enterprising Vietnamese people furiously tapping away at keyboards. The country has thrown off its wartime reputation and is headlong into development and globalization. Come back 5 years from now and be prepared for massive change!Beautiful Halong Bay

Our journey began in the bustling Ho Chi Minh city with it's millions of motor cycles and exotic street life. You'll definitely want to go the the Mekong Delta which rates as one of the most fertile river plains in the world. Nha Trang is a quiet seaside resort city with a lovely harbor and access to the South China Sea. Shopping paradise has a name and it is Hoi An. This charming town of 76,000 people has exquisite clothing designers, tailors, jewellery makers, painters and artisans. Life on the river gives the town a gentle face. Hanoi is the capital of the Republic and has much to offer the visitor with small narrow streets, French designed architecture and loads of good restaurants and shops. It is also the jumping off place to Halong Bay one of the great wonders of Asia. Sapa is in the north very close to the Chinese border. It is the home of the minority hill tribes and very different in climate and people from the rest of the country. Here you can go trekking and spend a night in a traditional home stay.

I am deeply indebted to Lorraine Selmer for organizing the trip, arranging the photographic schedule and agreeing to model in many of the photos. Without her assistance this website would not have been possible. Lorraine visited Vietnam in 2002 and was surprised at the changes that have taken place during the intervening period. Thanks also to the many lovely people we encountered in Vietnam who made our trip pleasant and memorable. She recently visited in 2006 and had a wonderful time.

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